How to Host a Christian Game Night + Free Checklist

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Well we all can have fun right? Get ready to pull out your favorite board games, card games and dance games. Did someone say karaoke?

What do you think of when you hear Christian game night? I think of it as a night of games with Christian friends. Now, we aren't talking about gambling or betting on who is going to win, but we can have fun being competitive and breaking down barriers.

There is something quite special about adding prayer and worship to your average game night.

This event is unique, when your friends come over to your house you can start the night out in prayer. You can play worship music in the background. You can fellowship!

I encourage you to add in icebreaker games and name learning games, maybe even musical chairs, HA! Need an idea for an icebreaker game? The 2 VERSES question card game, which is a Christian icebreaker game for groups, helps you to learn about other people's testimony's and learn Bible verses simultaneously.

Need some ideas on how to plan for a Christian game night? Print out my party planning checklist for free

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