Orange on Orange


My name is Madeline Lindsay aka Maddie, and I am the owner of 2 VERSES.


I started this business in 2019 to encourage  Christians to build strong, dependable, and deep relationships with each other. I grew up in Philadelphia and was raised in a Catholic household. When I was 17 years old, I moved to Los Angeles to attend college. I fell away from a faith-centered lifestyle and started to gravitate towards a worldly lifestyle. 


It was through a close friendship that I was encouraged to go to my college’s non-denominational Bible study group; this was the first time the Lord used someone to guide me back to him. At the age of 24, I became quite isolated. I moved to a new city, and I did not know anyone. One day, a woman reached out to me and invited me to a women's Bible study group. The Lord used another believer to bring me home to him. 


In these Bible studies, I built friendships that were centered on faith, love, and encouragement. My life changed when I had friends to turn to who could pray for me, intercede for me, and encourage me through a Biblical lens. 


The goal of 2 VERSES is to help Christian people connect and build relationships. It is growing harder to identify other Christians in the workplace, in school, and in daily social settings other than church.  At 2 VERSES, our games will encourage teamwork and organic bonding among believers of all levels.

  - Madeline Lindsay, Owner, 2 VERSES